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Doctor Tile Flooring's Carpet

We are the best place to buy carpet because we are knowledgeable, reasonably priced, low overhead, a good installer, and in & out quickly. 

Carpet is warm, soft underfoot, and easy to maintain. You have a variety of styles to choose from and different backing systems available. Carpet reduces the noise level of a room dramatically. There are also hygienic properties with carpet. The dust goes into the carpet, til you sweep. When you have a hard surface, the dust is thrown about when you walk on it. 
Our customers choose carpet because of its price; dollar per dollar it is less expensive than any hard surface you can buy and install. Just be sure to consider the overall use of the room when selecting your flooring!

Our installation process for carpet includes tear out of old carpet, moving of furniture, and the disposal of the old. We offer disposal of old carpet for .50 a sq yard. 
The time to complete the project depends on a lot of factors, but it usually can be done within a day. You can't really do a carpet installation yourself unless you have the tools. It takes special tools to do the job correctly 

For long lasting flooring, we recommend you  sweep your carpets regularly and don't wear your shoes.